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HUM – Story

good karma foods by hum

The HUM – vegan cuisine is a family – run restaurant, which opened in Prenzlauer Berg in early July 2016. After many years of experience in the gastronomy, the family decided to transform their collected recipes over the years into new vegan creations.

The vegan dishes at HUM are aromatic, nutritious and aesthetically beautiful. The HUM – vegan cuisine, with its creations, will also bring non – vegetarian guests to the vegan taste and convince you of the variety of the vegan cuisine. In addition to healthy vegetarian / vegan dishes, the HUM offers special homemade beverages.

“It is our belief that vegetarian food, with fresh ingredients as nature has created, can provide us with all the nutrients we need.”

Vegetarian / vegan diet is not a fashion phenomenon for HUM – vegan cuisine, its a life philosophy because we want to end the cycle of suffering. We believe in Buddha, in Karma, and in life after that. From this point of view the renunciation of flesh gives us only positive karma. And we would like to pass on that positive and friendly perspective to our guests. “Let us gather good karma, for oneself, our fellow men and our environment!” We only say: #goodkarmafoodsbyhum 😋

What makes us different?

We pride ourselves on the freshness and originality of our food and drinks. Responsible cooperation with local retailers and suppliers who supply us daily with fresh fruits and vegetables, according to possibilities from predominantly seasonal and regional cultivation. The tofu is manufactured in Berlin, organic quality certified and you can taste it. All dishes are freshly cooked. Natural ingredients and spices are the essence … we boil without taste enhancers (glutamate / MSG). These are our principles that we remain faithful to, because we attach importance to nutritious and healthy food.

HUM? … Om Mani Padme Hum!

The word “Hum” comes from the Sanskrit mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, which can be translated as “Om, a gem in Lotus, Hum”. In Buddhism, the Lotus symbolizes the altruistic spirit of Enlightenment and also human compassion. Thus, to translate simply, this mantra carries the meaning that Bodhi spirit (or Bodhichitta) flourishes in the hearts of the people. It is said that you should not seek for the Buddhahood outside of you; The substances for the attainment of the Buddhas are inside.